Why I’m not at Dragon Con or Burning Man

I’ll never get to Burning Man … or to Dragon Con for that matter. Happily, I’ll admit I’m amongst the sort of people who would attend either, or both on alternating years … and I regularly get invited to parties at both events. I get drawn into costume brainstorms with my friends, and I look forward to seeing pictures of their experiences.

Directional sign at Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revival


I’d love to attend either of these spectacles, or both. But Labor Day Weekend is capitalized for a reason in the festival world. It is quite possibly the biggest money weekend in outdoor festivals. Whether you are in a northern state, where Labor Day heralds the end of the summer weather that coaxes you outdoors, or further south, where Labor Day means that soon you can venture out again … For vendors, it is a money weekend.


I’m a vendor. I’m also an artist and a fan. But I have the luxury of being an artist and a fan because I take the vendor part seriously.


So send me your photos of Dragon Con parties, and Burning Man encampments. Copy me in when you send out notes from workshops you attend. Just don’t assume I’m ever going to join you there. Being *paid* to be at a festival is pretty much living the fantasy life, and I’m enjoying the heck out of it.

Where are you on Labor Day Weekend? Let us know in the comments please!


By Rhonni

Rhonni is a blissciplined serial entrepreneur, who has crafted a life in which she is surrounded by people who do what they love. She curates http://festivalprose.com and you can see the internet version of her business card at fools-cap.com.

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  1. Awesome and true article, Rhonni! It’s funny, but I’ve gone the other track develop my baby business. I NEED DragonCon, and GenCon, and all the indoor shows I can get my hands on, at least at first. I am considering doing outdoor shows, but not until I get where I need to be, numbers-wise. Geeks are my market, and they love renfaires- and airconditioning.

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